What is Non-Fixed VoIP?

What Is Non-Fixed VoIP?

If you are tired of searching for the right information about non-fixed VoIP numbers and have not got anything in your mind yet because of the technical terminologies and intricate explanations, you are at the right place now. Here is the to-the-point, clear, and straight Information related to non-fixed VoIP numbers and everything related to them.

We will look at the in-depth details of non-fixed VoIP numbers so that you can have an idea about how you can ditch your cumbersome landline phones and make calls effortlessly from an Android device with just an internet connection. If you are interested in learning about the details of non-fixed VoIP numbers, you need to focus on the details below. Let’s look at what we have in the guide below.

Non Fixed VoIP

Non-fixed VoIP is a type of VoIP number that is beyond the limitations of location and territory. It is a type of VoIP number that does not connect to a physical address, and the user can make VoIP calls remotely from a variable location but in the presence of internet-enabled devices.

What is Non-Fixed VoIP?

VoIP number is basically the voice-over-internet protocol number that makes and receives calls via the internet and is operable on multiple devices. It has two types: fixed and non-fixed. A non-fixed VoIP number is basically a number that does not have any restrictions on physical address.

It is not connected to a permanent physical address and can be used easily and remotely from anywhere, only in the presence of an internet connection. Non-fixed numbers are also called virtual phone numbers and are used by free internet services such as Google Voice and Skype.

Since they do not require an address, they are ideal for remote businesses and teams. Those who are in need of a number to establish a global presence can go with VoIP phone numbers that are non-fixed. Let’s look at the key differences between fixed VoIP and non-fixed VoIP numbers.

What Is The Difference Between A Fixed VoIP And A Non-Fixed VoIP Number?

Fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers are pretty different from each other. Before you go with a VoIP number, you should know about the pros and cons of fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers.

The primary differences and distinctive features between them are mentioned below. Make sure to take a closer look so you can know which one would be appropriate according to your needs.

Fixed VoIP Phone Numbers

Fixed VoIP phone numbers are basically the numbers that are tied to a particular location. They are usually specific when it comes to territory and boundary of physical address.

They are somehow like a traditional phone line, which means to get the local number you have to be present in the same country. Although the fixed VoIP is still an internet-based number, it has restrictions on location.

Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Numbers

Alternatively, when we talk about non-fixed VoIP phone numbers, we come to know that they are not bound, nor are they tied to a physical territory. These are the internet-based numbers in which you can assign the area code to the phone number.

They are comparatively easier to get and are used mainly for remote businesses. The user not only wants to have a local presence but also wants to represent the business in multiple areas. Whether you are located in some particular area or not, you can still have access and show your authentic local presence via these Non-Fixed VoIP numbers.

Who Uses Non-Fixed VoIP?

Non-fixed VoIP numbers are ideal for any type of businesses that rely on calls and that have calls to make an attendance. Although there are several types of companies in which non-fixed VoIP numbers are pretty beneficial, here are three of the businesses where users get a non-fixed VoIP number for maximizing business growth and expanding their business.

Call Centers

Most of the call center providers go with Non-fixed VoIP numbers to build the call to their teams. The providers like MAP Communication, Answer National, and Five9 use non-fixed VoIP numbers.

This is helpful for them because the call center teams are located at multiple places, and these non-fixed VoIP numbers help them make calls using local area codes. These Non-fixed VoIP numbers help them build teams quickly and employ team members worldwide without paying and spending time and effort making their presence possible for a particular physical location.

OTT Communication Apps

Several OTT Communication apps use non-fixed VoIP numbers. Google Voice and Skype are the top OTT Communication apps that go with non-fixed VoIP phone numbers.

Moreover, we also have Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp types of apps that use non-fixed VoIP numbers to provide voice communication while using the App. VoIP numbers are used in apps where the user creates an account with an email address and makes calls, for example, Skype and WhatsApp. A temporarily non-fixed VoIP number is assigned to them, and they can make and receive calls all across the world via these non-fixed VoIP numbers.

Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Managed service providers offer phone services to their clients. They can provide a non-fixed VoIP number and assign the VoIP phone number to their clients until and unless their client demands the fixed physical address. These VoIP phone numbers are easy to configure and use.

Managed Service Providers often give VoIP numbers to their clients so that the clients can get a lot of control over the settings and customizations of the number. This ultimately helps in minimizing the customer service workload for Managed Service providers

The 2 Main Business Benefits Of Going With Non-Fixed VoIP

What Is Non-Fixed VoIP?

Going with non-fixed VoIP numbers is quite beneficial for businesses. Following are the two main business benefits that you will get if you have a non-fixed VoIP number.

1. It helps You Establish A Local Presence Around The World

A non-fixed VoIP number gives you access to Global Communication. It helps you establish a local presence all around the world.

If you have a non-fixed VoIP number, you can quickly call customers and prospects with area codes that are basically recognizable for the customers. Moreover, with a non-fixed VoIP number, you do not need to set up a physical office in a particular region or country in order to get the local number.

This means that you can manage all the virtual numbers with one single account, unlike fixed VoIP numbers. For that, your physical presence isn’t necessary.

Furthermore, with non-fixed VoIP numbers, you do not have to go back and forth to a telecom provider. Non-fixed VoIP numbers are much easier to handle. They are known for maximizing and expanding your business because they can establish a local presence worldwide as they are not bound to the restrictions of the territory or geographical location.

2. It’s More Budget-Friendly

When it comes to budget-friendliness, most of the large businesses and groups look for affordable setups. Here is when you will definitely like a fixed VoIP number when you have to go with a VoIP number for your business.

They are comparatively budget-friendly and do not have a costly setup. Its implementation process is also inexpensive, and you do not have to pay to establish a physical location or physical office in some particular area to show your presence.

Other than that, you can show your presence just with a non-fixed VoIP number. Furthermore, they are also inexpensive and affordable for international calling. Alternatively, Fixed VoIP numbers are pretty expensive, and international calls are much more expensive than Non-Fixed VoIP numbers.

Non-fixed VoIP Pros And Cons

Non-fixed VoIP numbers are considered the best choice for showing the presence of your business all across the world. They have their advantages and disadvantages. Following are the details of the pros and cons of non-fixed VoIP numbers so you can make the right choice and have an idea about both the advantages and flaws of non-fixed VoIP numbers.


No Need For A Physical Location

One of the best things about the non-fixed VoIP number is that they do not need a physical location. You can select a number compatible with the geographical location of your customer. And all of this without setting up a physical office in that particular region.

This makes non-fixed VoIP numbers one of the top choices for establishing business and showing your presence all across the world without physically opening offices other than the base country. You only need to make sure that you have an internet connection, and that’s all.

Relatively Easy On The Admin Side

Non-fixed VoIP numbers allow you to request the phone number online and set up new customers quickly all across the globe by showing your presence in their particular region. This is an essential thing for most small businesses and large enterprises. If you have a contact center team, this is one of the important things to help you in expanding the business and maximizing the number of customers.

Typically Cheaper

Non-Fixed VoIP numbers are comparatively inexpensive and affordable, unlike fixed VoIP numbers, which are pretty expensive, mainly when you have to make international calls. These non-fixed VoIP numbers are typically budget-friendly and cheaper than fixed VoIP lines.


Issues When Dialing Emergency Services

One of the most significant flaws of non-fixed VoIP numbers is that you cannot dial emergency services, for example, 911. This is because the non-fixed VoIP number does not have an assigned location, and that results in the inability to call emergency services in any of the areas in the world. Since your number is not set to a location, you cannot dial the emergency contact number.

A Bad Rap When It Comes To Trustworthiness

It has been noticed in the past that non-fixed VoIP numbers were intensely involved in robocalls and scam calls for fraudulent activities. This makes them less reliable and trustworthy, and because they have had a bad reputation in the past, most of the users do not go with Non-Fixed VoIP numbers.

But keep in mind it is no longer a problem now as you can do some essential tips like selecting numbers with local area codes and posting them on the official website of your business or some other third-party directory websites, for example, Google Business. This will help the customer and employees in checking and cross-checking your number on Google to confirm whether you have a legitimate business or not.

4 Best Practices For Using Non-Fixed VoIP

Following are the four significant practices that you can make with the use of non-fixed VoIP numbers. These practices help in flourishing your business and maximizing the customers, ultimately increasing customer growth.

1. Set Up A Professional Voicemail Recording

One of the most advantageous features of non-fixed VoIP numbers is that you can easily set up a professional voicemail recording. If you want to give your business a little lift and an extra layer of legitimacy, make sure to set up a professional voicemail recording on your non-fixed VoIP number as soon as possible.

It not only increases business respect in the eyes of customers but also makes it much more reliable in front of them. It helps you confirm that you are not a spammer or a fraudster. Always make sure to set up a professional voicemail recording beforehand so you can handle the calls and tackle the customers with much more ease.

2. Give Your Name And Company At The Beginning Of The Call

Non-fixed VoIP numbers also allow you to add your company name at the very beginning of the call. The feature is also available in fixed VoIP numbers. This is helpful mainly for customers who are not interested in attending a call from an unknown number.

Since getting a call from an unknown number or a number that is not saved in your contact is quite disturbing, so to make sure that none of your calls are ignored, you can always go with adding your name and your company name at the beginning of every call. Moreover, it also helps increase the credibility of your business because it’s pretty good to show your business presence on call beforehand.

3. Make Sure Your Team Understands Their 911 Limitations

If you have a non-fixed VoIP number for your business and you’re introducing it in your workplace, make sure that all of the employees who are working in the workplace are aware of the limitations.

Since non-fixed VoIP numbers are not linked with any specific geographical location, they are extremely hard to trace, which means you cannot dial any emergency call, for example, 911 from your office, where you have established a non-fixed VoIP number system. You need to make sure that each one of your employees has an idea about this and understands that they cannot call any such emergency number from the office.

4. List Your Number Online

Another important thing that you have to keep in mind if you have established a non-fixed VoIP number in your office or for your business is to enlist the non-fixed VoIP numbers on your official website or your business is an official website. Also, make sure to enlist the non-fixed VoIP numbers in third-party directories.

It helps make businesses more respectful and gives them much more legitimacy because if you call someone and they don’t know your number, and they search it online, they will confirm that it is a business and not a spam or fraudster call. This ultimately makes your business more professional and respectful.

Get Started With A Non-Fixed VoIP Number

Following is the step-by-step procedure that you have to follow in order to attain and get started with the non-fixed VoIP numbers. Make sure to follow the procedure as it is so you do not miss out on anything important.

Sign Up For VoIP Phone System

In order to get started with a VoIP phone system, you need to finalize the service provider. There are multiple VoIP phone setup service providers available that you can rely on.

Look for the packages, costs, and features these service providers provide. Finalize the service provider and sign up for a VoIP phone system.

Now Select A Subscription

The second step to get started with a non-fixed VoIP number is to choose a subscription. After finalizing the service provider, finalize the subscription for the users.

Keep in mind that in VoIP phone setup, you have to pay on a monthly basis. Look for the details of the subscription and make the right choice so that the subscription is enough for the users of VoIP phone setup.

Select The Virtual Numbers

After registering the users and signing up, all you have to do is select the virtual numbers. You have to choose the numbers that you will use for your account.

Most of the service providers provide a toll-free numbers list for every account so you can pick up from the available choices. Moreover, you can also purchase additional numbers as add-ons in your virtual phone setup to make your non-fixed VoIP more professional.

Assigning Numbers To Users

After purchasing the non-fixed VoIP numbers and finalizing the virtual numbers, you must assign them to the users. Some of the advanced virtual phone systems allow multiple users to share phone numbers and use features like messaging and voicemail. Keep this in mind and assign numbers to the users after setting up the VoIP phone setup settings.

non-fixed voip

Setting Up Routing And Voicemail

Now, your phone number is ready to use because you have assigned the number to the user. Now, you can make customized settings on each phone number, the priority of which is to set up the voicemail and routing.

Moreover, you can also organize the inbound call settings and can link the numbers with ring groups. Furthermore, you also have the option of creating call cues for busy agents so that no call can get missed. This helps in providing the best customer service to the customers.


Can you call a Non-Fixed VoIP number?

Yes, you can make a call on a non-fixed VoIP number. They can make calls just like they make calls with a traditional phone number, but the only difference is that to dial a non-fixed VoIP number, a customer who is dialing must have an internet connection in the device.

Can you text a non-fixed VoIP number?

Yes, if the non-fixed VoIP service you send a message on supports text messages, you can text via it. Look for whether the non-fixed service that rewards sending messages supports SMS and MMS. If yes, you can send them a message.

Can you trace a non-fixed VoIP number?

Yes, although you can trace a non-fixed VoIP number, keep in mind you do not always get the correct results. This is why, in the past, there were so many fraudulent and scam activities that were done with the use of non-fixed VoIP numbers. Since these numbers are not bound to the geographical location, call tracing on non-fixed VoIP numbers is quite tricky and not so easy.

Is a non-fixed VoIP phone a cell phone?

A non-fixed VoIP phone is not a cell phone, but you can conveniently use a non-fixed VoIP number on your cell phone that has an internet connection in it. Non-Fixed VoIP phones are phones that only give you access via the apps. Keep in mind the compatible apps are only compatible with specific devices.

Why would someone use a non-fixed VoIP number?

Anyone who wants to initiate and make calls in different areas of the world from other devices can go with non-fixed VoIP numbers. You can make and receive calls on a non-fixed VoIP number on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and computer system only if they have an internet connection with them. Moreover, they are one of the reliable methods of expanding your business.

How do non-fixed VoIP numbers work?

Non-fixed VoIP only works if the device you are using it on has an internet connection. It converts the audio into data packets and the data packets to the recipient audio. These data packets, when sent to the recipient, are reverted into audio back so that the receiver can hear clearly.

Final Thoughts

Communication is the key to success, and better, consistent, and smooth communication setups are essential setups to establishing a successful business, whether it is small or large. If you are keeping your employees in touch with you and reaching out to your customers on call, you need to make sure that the setup you are using is reliable, open, and consistent.

Here is when the need for a non-fixed VoIP number comes. Undoubtedly, non-fixed VoIP numbers are used abundantly in today’s world for the betterment of business. These are a convenient and cost-effective phone system that helps you set up the business and run it without breaking the bank.


Non-Fixed VoIP numbers have comparatively more features and are more flexible than fixed VoIP services. This article mentioned above tells you everything about non-fixed VoIP numbers and what exactly makes it a winner when we talk about non-fixed and fixed VoIP numbers. Remember to focus on all of these so you can know what you will get if you get a non-fixed VoIP number.