VoIP For Car Dealerships: A Business Communication Tool

voip for car dealerships

A Beginner's Guide to Setting Up VoIP for Your Car Dealership

Retaining customers and increasing sales are the burning issues of car dealerships across the U.S. and Canada. For this reason, constant communication is required for car dealerships. This brings a substantial increase in the overall cost of doing business.


Car dealerships are often operated in multiple locations. Doing business in multiple locations requires additional phone systems that come with additional phone lines and phone numbers. Thus making the communication of your business complex and causing the communication bill to skyrocket.


VoIP phone systems not only bring efficiency to overall operations in the business but also help businesses reduce their communication cost substantially. Eventually, customer service will be enhanced to the next level. VoIP phone systems are an all-in-one solution for all business phone system requirements.

That said, VoIP For Car Dealerships is a perfect platform to counter all the issues mentioned above. They help car dealers retain their customers, increase their sales, and boost business communication at the same time.



As a matter of fact, there are many associated businesses with car dealerships, such as repair shops, gas stations, spare parts shops, and service departments. VoIP phone systems from leading service providers have proven to be a seamless business communication tool for the automotive industry. 

Features For VoIP Services for Automotive Industry & Car Dealers

There are many features associated with the VoIP phone system. Narrowing down to the car dealerships, some of the most valuable features are mentioned below.

·       HD Voice

·       Fully Functional BDC

·       Cost-Effectiveness

·       Marketing Tools

·       Text Messaging

·       Voicemail Management

·       Call Recording

·       Auto Responder

·       Document Sharing

·       Keep an Eye on Your Staff

·       Training Tools

·       Video Calls

·       Conference Calling

·       Integration

·       Reporting

·       Flexibility

·       Security

·       Scalability

·       User Interface  


HD Voice

Best VoIP For Car Dealerships offers HD voice quality for users. Now, you don’t have to worry about asking the same thing multiple times, which annoys your customer. In addition, the conversation between the client and the business owner is conducted in a noise-free environment. Further, there are no distractions during the call resulting in splendid call clarity between both parties.


Fully Functional BDC

BDC stands for business development centers. Thanks to this cloud-based technology, advanced call center tools for integration and operational efficiency are provided. These tools offer remote working environments, which means you can access them from anywhere.



Cost-effectiveness is the most anticipated and crucial aspect of any tool for every business. When you compare the cost of operations between a traditional phone system and a cloud-based VoIP phone system. the one thing that you will notice is the substantional difference between the cost associated with them. This makes these VoIP phones the best option for conducting business communication.


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Marketing Tools

Multiple options come with these VoIP phone system that offers seamless marketing tools. These marketing tools are also integrated with your marketing campaigns. With this feature automobile dealerships now have total control of the marketing in their hands.


Text Messaging

Text messaging is a feature that allows business personnel to engage with their prospects via texting. This reduces the time and enhances the efficiency of the business in responding to the queries being made to the business.


Voicemail Management

Now, you have the option of tracking all your voice calls into your voicemail folder. With this feature, no call from your prospect will ever be missed. All you have to do is adjust the settings, and no call will be missed from now on.


Call Recording

Now, you have the option of recording the calls for future reference. This feature was not available in the traditional phone system.


Auto Responder

Autoresponder is the main feature of VoIP phones. This feature allows the system to transfer the calls to the concerned department automatically. Further, this feature reduces the customer’s holding time, thus impacting a positive change for prospects.


Is VoIP Reliable for My Business 


Document Sharing

With this option now you can instantly share documents with prospects and your office team. In traditional phone systems, this feature was not available. Sharing documents with customers requires additional costs to be borne by the business.


Keep an Eye on Your Staff

Now you have the option of keeping an eye on the staff and whether they are responding to the online queries on time. Further, what kind of responses are made from which personnel? With this feature, you now have complete control of the workings of your team.


Training Tools

These modern phone systems offer training tools for your staff to better respond to business queries.


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Video Calls

VoIP systems are designed in a manner to offer unlimited video calls. With this feature, the users can now make and receive video calls. To avail of this feature to the fullest extent, users are required to have a mic, camera, and speaker. In addition to these, VoIP phone users can use their smartphones to address matters on a video call.


Conference Calling

Here is another splendid feature that comes with your VoIP phone system. Now you have the option of availing conference calling. With this feature now, you can join any call and listen to the response from your personnel towards the prospect.



All VoIP phone systems are equipped with built-in integration systems that make them a perfect match for every CRM software. Now, you don’t have to 

purchase additional tools or equipment to achieve the maximum potential of the modern phone system. Your current system is capable to delvier you the best results within no time.



Ultimately, every VoIP phone service provider offers a dashboard for analyzing the calls and reports. This allows the business owner to address the issues and matters right on time so that no mistakes are made in the future.



VoIP phone systems are highly flexible, allowing business and personal users to enjoy the features of these modern phone systems. With tons and tons of features that come with this phone system, conducting daily business has become a hassle-free job compared to your traditional phone system.



These modern phone systems come with end-to-end encryption. Now, you can enjoy your calls and messages with peace of mind. The security aspect of these modern phones prevents your calls and messaging information from being breached. Keeping your information relating to your business and personal information safe forever.  



The degree of scalability with these VoIP phones is effortless. In the future, if you wish to scale your existing system, there will be no issue. All you have to do is inform customer support about the upgrade, and within no time, your upgrade will be there for your business to serve better.


User Interface

The user interface of these phone systems is made simple and easy-to-understand for users. There are no such requirements for users to have proper training before operating it. This means that you can straight away start using this phone system on your current operating system without having any issues. Therefore, your business or personal operations remain effortless.


Goodbye To Phone Bills


With every VoIP phone system, business owners and personal users have said goodbye to traditional phone bills. No more hefty monthly bills will reach your table right at the start of the month for you to pay. Thus, the modern phone system provides complete peace of mind for business owners in terms of cost efficiency.


What To Look In A VoIP Phone System For Auto Dealership?


Here are some of the most common characteristics one must look at before choosing the right phone system for their organization. We bring you a list of items for your ease.

·       Enhanced Professionalism

·       Satisfied Customer Service

·       Salesforce Effectiveness

·       Real-Time Decision Making

Enhanced Professionalism

Maintaining a modern phone system for your business offers great benefits. Among them, professionalism is the most important. You can now bring out the most professional team to your clients so that they can address the matters of their prospects candidly and professionally. In addition, without this phone system, tracking and keeping an eye on daily business operations becomes hectic and time-consuming.

Satisfied Customer Service

Whether traditional or modern, phone systems were established with one thing in mind: business. No business in this world can run without having positive feedback from the customers it is conducting business with. If you have a skilled workforce that is dedicated and determined to bring business from prospects, if you have a phone system that does not support them, everything is useless.

With an effective, efficient, and flexible phone system, you can thrive in this advanced world to explore new horizons for your business. And for that, your customer satisfaction rate must be high. This can only be possible if you provide them with the best customer care services.

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Salesforce Effectiveness

These phone systems offer tools that reduce call turnover and improve customer satisfaction with the business. Moreover, the interaction time of the customer call is also reduced to the minimum, which proves to have a better lead conversion ratio.

Real-Time Decision Making

After observing the dashboard for analytical and reporting purposes, business owners can now find themselves in a better position to make Real-time decisions.


Reliability OF VoIP Phone System For Car Dealership Business Communication


Yes, this phone system is a reliable option for both personal and business. Now, you don’t have to rely on your cellular company to let you communicate with your prospects. In addition, making and receiving calls and sending text messages have never been so easy with the traditional phone system, along with other splendid features that come with this system.

Moreover, there are no requirements for having special hardware to operate this phone system. Your prevailing system is enough to support this phone system for operational purposes.


Most Common CRM System Car Dealerships Use


We bring you a list of the top car dealer software that can seamlessly be integrated with your VoIP phone system.

·       Dealertrack DMS

·       DealerCenter

·       VinSolutions Connect CRM

·       CDK

·       PERQ

·       Dabadu XRM

·       vAuto Provision

·       Tekion


List of VoIP Phones For Car Dealerships


Here is the list of VoIP phone service providers for car dealerships.

·       Nextiva VoIP Phone System

·       RingCentral VoIP Phone System

·       Dialpad VoIP Phone System

·       Ooma VoIP Phone System

·       Grasshopper VoIP Phone System

·       Vonage VoIP Phone System

·       8×8 VoIP Phone System

·       Google VoIP Phone System

·       Clarity Office VoIP Phone System

·       GoTo VoIP Phone System

·       Mitel VoIP Phone System

·       CallHippo VoIP Phone System

·       Intermedia VoIP Phone System

·       Spectrum VoIP Phone System

·       MightyCall VoIP Phone System

·       Zoom VoIP Phone System

·       Microsoft VoIP Phone System

·       Talkdesk VoIP Phone System

·       Freshdesk VoIP Phone System

·       Line2 VoIP Phone System

·       VirtualPBX VoIP Phone System

·       WebEx VoIP Phone System

·       OpenPhone VoIP Phone System


VoIP Advantages


Here are some detailed advantages associated with VoIP phone systems.

·       Cost-efficiency

·       Effective communications

·       Higher scalability

·       Enhanced productivity

·       Increased accessibility

·       Complete portability

·       Perfect for business and personal usage

·       HD Voice Quality

·       Integration with your CRM

·       Flexibility offered for operations

·       Supports multitasking



VoIP Disadvantages


VoIP phone system has some of the downsides that our readers must be aware of:

·       It requires a stable internet connection

·       Users may experience advertisements in a free package

·       Users may experience network jitter

·       Some VoIP phone system providers do not offer tracking for emergency calls

·       This phone system depends upon bandwidth

·       If the internet connection is down, so does your VoIP phone system

·       Insufficient bandwidth may result in network issues


                                                                           Final Wording


In our final wording, we would love to end on the note that dealerships can cut their administrative and communication cost with this seamless phone system. Traditional phone systems are difficult and expensive to manage. On the other hand, these modern VoIP phone systems are the thing of the future.

No more worrying about your marketing and communication budget getting out of control. Thanks to VoIP Car Dealerships, have revolutionized the entire industry without any doubt. However, this system has some limitations, which we have also mentioned.


But the overall benefits associated with these VoIP For Car Dealerships will force businesses to adopt this phone system to eliminate hectic daily routines.