VoIP Phone Services for Business. The 21st Century Solution.

In the modern world, there is no reason to be tied to one location.

Small Business VoIP Phone Services with Enterprise Features

One Phone Number – Call via your work number while you are from your desk, hiding mobile number and maintaining a professional stance.
Using your mobile device to place calls appearing as your work number ensures that your customers answer your call as a recognized number. It also allows savings on your personal mobile bill. Three out of four unidentified calls go unanswered.
Wi Fi Calling – All calls are placed via VoIP so you don’t pay roaming charges.
Use Any Device – Make and receive calls via smartphone, tablets, iOS & Android.
Never Miss a Call When You are Mobile – Take your office anywhere, using work number and be accessible wherever you are.
VoIP Phone Services for Business
VoIP Phone Services for Business

Enterprise VoIP Solution at a Small Business Price

Business Directory – Use simple search function to find colleagues instantly.
Mobility – Move calls while on the move; push and pull the call to your phones without a break in communication.
Presence – See when a colleague is available to interact.
Auto-attendant – Allow your callers to be transferred to the desired extension without going through a receptionist.
Call Management –
SIP Trunking Extends UC&C – for other locations that may have an on-premises phone system not yet fully depreciated, this enables smart team working tools to be extended to all users across a mixed on-premises and Cloud communications service estate.
Smart Call Routing and Handling – the BroadCloud UC&C service is tied to your business identity (i.e. your business phone number) so call handling features work as usual. For example, if a user is engaged in a My Room smart team working conference call, any incoming calls will follow the rules for call forwarding on busy. This is not the case if using alternative UC&C tools not integrated with our Cloud service.

Benefits of VoIP for Business

benefits of voip


VOIP was not always the most reliable, however, times have changed. With a strong internet connection and redundancy system wide, VOIP can now be the most economical and most reliable choice for your business.
VOIP is definitely the right path for a small business. It provides you huge cost savings as well as additional applications allowing you the flexibility you need to grow a successful business.
VOIP is far more economical than previous solution. The monthly cost is based on each individual business needs.
To setup your VOIP phone system it is as easy as plugging a phone in on your desk. Just another benefit of VOIP services.

Internet Phones

Choose from one of the following phone models allowing you a wide array of choices from an economical, professional device to phones with colored screens and even a touch screen.