Video Conferencing Systems, Meeting and Team Collaboration Platform for Business

RETREAT from an OPEN WORKSPACE for a private, collaborative FACE-TO-FACE CONVERSATION.

Video Conferencing Systems | Desktop & File Sharing
Video Conferencing Systems | Desktop & File Sharing

Making Remote Collaboration a Breeze

To be successful in this new virtual environment, employees need access to business data and applications, advanced communications tools, collaboration spaces, and their colleagues and customers on any device and any network.



As more employees look for ways to stay connected to customers and partners on a global scale, they need to take calls, answer email, and participate in meetings outside of “traditional” business hours and typical business locations.

Collaborative Solutions

Presence and Instant Messaging (IM), this makes it easy for users “to see” whether a colleague is available for a chat and instantly send a message.

Desktop and Application Sharing – so users can collaborate on documents and web pages in real- time.

Unified Messaging – allows mobile users access to emails, voicemails and texts from their mobile devices from anywhere, anytime. It’s easy, timely and convenient.

Multi-device Support – smartphones and tablets (Apple and Android), desktops and laptops (Apple and Microsoft, Chromebook, and Linux).

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Video Conferencing & Collaboration

93% of communicating attitude and feelings is from non-verbal cues.

Video Conferencing Systems – Meet and collaborate virtually with your team via audio and video calls, desktop sharing, file sharing, and group chat. There is no need for passcodes, numbers or dial-ups.

Desktop Sharing – Share screen with colleagues and customers when you are working remotely.

File Sharing and Email – Share files and emails with a single app without cumbersome app searching and switching.

My Room – a virtual, always-on meeting room space for colleagues to meet ad-hoc or planned, to share information and collaborate using any combination of group chat, voice and video conferencing, desktop and application sharing, and file sending.

Invite Guests – Add additional guests to take part in multimedia sessions.and application sharing, and file sending.

Why Choose OneCloud

OneCloud Networks will be your partner not your vendor.  We offer Google,  Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams allowing you to choose the solution which is best for your company’s needs.  We provide support and training at no charge.  We are here for you!