Secure Business Communications

Are your communications at risk? With the rise of video conferencing platforms and call apps, companies have fallen concerned with the security of their communications. And rightfully so…

3 out 4 of today’s mobile apps would fail basic security tests

One survey showed that 54% of organizations confirmed a non-senior management employee lost a device, and 49% reported a device stolen within the past year

9 out of 10 lost or stolen devices contained work-related information.

Only cloud-based service providers are equipped to provide the security your organization needs for lock-tight protection..
Secure Business Communications​

Today’s Cyber Criminals are Advanced

Protecting your company has never been more vital.
Sophisticated Denial-of-Service Attacks are constantly compromising the availability of your IT systems, while unsecured mobile devices and apps that connect to your network can leave communications, passwords, and other sensitive data open to theft.
To stay ahead of the risks, many companies are looking for experts with the specialized skills needed to protect their organization. That means security experts are in great demand — and short supply. There are simply too few individuals with the specialized skills businesses need, so the talent gap is growing.

Secure your Business Communications

Only cloud-based service providers are equipped to provide the security your organization needs for lock-tight protection. That’s because the cloud provides a single, trusted, and reliable resource that secures your apps, devices, and network transmission path.
Here are five ways the cloud supports and protects your headquarters, remote offices, and mobile workers, wherever they travel.

1. Confidentiality through Encryption & Authentication

Keep your secrets and protect vital business data, both while it is stored and while it passes over a network. Encryption alone is not enough. You need sophisticated cryptographic routines that can authenticate users and devices, as well as protect data as it travels to, from, and across the Internet.
Cloud communication solutions provide well-known cryptographic algorithms, certificates and protocols recommended by top security experts, including:

2. Integrity of Infrastructure

Integrity is about making your server and client software hard for hackers to break into. Secure software design and coding, proper configuration, and careful monitoring are essential to make certain there are no abnormalities that signal potential risks.
UC-ONE provides hardening scripts that follow hundreds of internationally recognized guidelines and benchmarks from respected organizations, such as the Center for Internet Security and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). You can expect:

3. More Availability, Less Downtime

Availability involves keeping your systems running at all times. Many factors can impact availability. Human mistakes, like overloading an electrical circuit in a data center, are common.
Being hit by a Denial-of-Service Attack that ties up your network, or a rogue backhoe digging up the communication lines connecting your data center to the outside world, are also possible. At any time, you might also be affected by an earthquake, hurricane, or other natural disaster.
Cloud-based communication solutions provide:

4. Expert Support with 24/7 Customer Service

You shouldn’t have to find and hire expert personnel to set up and run the features of your communication platform. With cloud communications, your service provider is responsible for installing the underlying security features and keeping them current. Rest easy knowing that true experts are in charge.
Cloud communication solutions provide:

5. Quality Assurance

Every company will say its products have “great security.” But assurance involves an independent, third-party confirmation that the right steps have been taken to assure your communication resources are protected and will be there when needed.
UC-ONE is assured by independent certifications and benchmarks that measure whether security is being handled properly, including:

Protect Your Business Communications by Moving to the Cloud

End your security headaches once and for all. OneCloud Networks offers secure cloud communication services and virtual private networks that can deliver the confidentiality, integrity, availability, manageability, and assurance your company needs. Our rock-solid delivery platform provides feature-rich services and is backed by a track-record for exceptional customer service.
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