Everything You Need to Know about Using a VoIP Phone with Google Voice!

Use A VoIP Phone With Google Voice

With the tremendous opportunity in the VoIP communication realm. Google also took a step in the arena by launching its very own Google Voice. There were many questions related to Google Voice. Today, we will address the one question commoners frequently ask. And that is, Can I Use A VoIP Phone With Google Voice?

To get the answer, readers have to dive deep into the article to get their questions answered and settle their queries once and for all. As far as Google Voice VoIP Phone is concerned, it is a communication service based on Voice Over Internet Protocol. It provides a convenient and flexible communication solution for business and personal usage.

Google Voice lets users receive and make calls, send text messages, and manage voicemail with their single phone number. Further, Google Voice allows operations from different devices, including Windows, Android, and iOS-enabled devices. Above all, you can use Google Voice on your smartphones, both Android and iOS, and on tablets.

Google Voice operates a VoIP phone system, and all the calls, messages, and video calls are routed over the Internet. Moreover, Google Voice offers unparalleled integration with other applications that Google offers.


Mastering The Art Of Using A VoIP Phone With Google Voice Features


Since the launch of Google Voice in 2009, it has taken some drastic steps to ensure a reliable, secure, safe, and flexible user service. In addition, Google Voice VoIP Home Phone offers a temporary phone number, which can be helpful for both business and personal use.

On the contrary, this application cannot replace primary phone service as it can be considered a backup. Furthermore, the features offered by Google Voice make it a more convenient and affordable communication mode.

·       Free Calls

·       International Calls

·       Free Texting

·       Voicemail Storage

·       Call Forwarding

·       Call Screening

·       Spam Blocking

·       Functionality

·       Inbox

·       Transcription

·       Filtering

·       Greetings


Free Calls  

The first benefit or feature that Google Voice offers customers is free calling. This option is valid for the United States and Canada. If a user resides in the U.S. or Canada, they can call each other free of cost. It is a cherished feature for those who use VoIP phone service for personal use and limited business use.


International Calls

The second benefit of Google Voice is that it offers its users a very low-cost international calling. For those whose friends and family members are living outside the U.S. and Canada they can communicate with them without having additional burdens over their wallets.

Moreover, for business purposes, the rates offered by Google Voice are minimal, making it a lucrative option for business prospects.


Free Texting

Another benefit of Google Voice is that it offers free texting to its users. This feature allows users to contact their business prospects along with friends and family members via texting. With this, there is nothing for users to worry about the charges for texting their loved ones and friends.


Voicemail Storage

Another splendid benefit of Google Voice is that it offers unlimited voicemail storage. It means that you can store unlimited call data in your voicemail and never miss any call that falls in your voicemail. In addition, you can use those voicemails for future reference.


Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a function in which one number is busy responding to business queries, and the call is automatically forwarded to another idle number. Thus, the customer won’t wait long, and the call hold time will be reduced.


Call Screening

The call screening option allows the user to check who is calling. If it is a friend or a business prospect, you can answer the call. Or it is an unwanted number. You always have the option of ignoring the call in the first place. Moreover, this feature gives users the freedom to choose whom they want to talk to and whose call should not be answered.


Spam Blocking

Google Voice offers users a feature that automatically blocks spam calls and messages. Spam calls and messages are marketing messages sent from different companies and sent in thousands. According to research, almost 100 spam messages fall in the inbox on an average working day. Google Voice allows users to block spammy messages and calls, thus giving them the peace of mind to work.



Google Voice offers users multi-level functionality. This feature allows the users to operate the same account on multiple devices. For example, a user can operate the same account on his laptop, tablet, and personal phone.



Google Voice offers a unified inbox for all your communication. This means that users have a single inbox that allows them to store their calls, messages, and voicemail data in one place. This feature is a simple way to manage your workload simply and conveniently.



Here is another feature that is loved by most Google Voice users. Now, you don’t have to listen to all your voicemails. Google Voice will do that for you. This application has a built-in feature that automatically transcribes voicemails into text.



Like spam filtering, Google Voice offers a feature that allows users to block any number, which prevents it from irritating the user. Now, you can block any number and won’t receive any calls or messages from that number. With this feature, users can reduce the load of unwanted calls from unrecognized numbers.



Every business loves to greet its customers profoundly. For this reason, Google Voice comes with a feature that allows users to set a custom greeting for different callers. Now, the user has to record a tailor-made greeting message for their loved ones or for their prospects, and whenever a call comes from their number, the first thing they will listen to is your greeting message.


Google Voice Limitations

Here are some of the Google voice limitations.

·       No Interface

·       Expensive International Calling

·       Not For Business

·       Limited Business Features

·       Works Within Google

·       Privacy Concerns

·       Limited Customer Support

·       Difficult collaboration


No Interface

Google offers a simple design that lacks attraction. All messages, calls, and voicemails fall under it. At times, it becomes hectic to organize them.


Expensive International Calling

Google Voice has some limitations among them, making international calls is expensive. On the other hand, calling Google Voice outside the U.S. and Canada is free.


Not for Business

Google Voice does not offer full and complete options of features that Google competitors are offering. With fewer features, businesses avoid using Google Voice due to its lack of business-oriented options.


Limited Business Features

In the second spot, we have limited business features for Google Voice. This is due to the fact that Google Voice was not designed for the business. This is the main reason businesses enjoy limited features compared to their competitors.


Works Within Google

Third-party application integrations are the key aspect of VoIP phone services. These applications boost productivity, but they offer flexibility in streamlining the overall operations of the business in a short period.

Once you start using Google Voice, you will soon notice that you are bound to the Google ecosystem only. No third-party integrations are possible, nor are they being offered to businesses or for personal use. Moreover, the only integration allowed for business and personal users is with Google.


Privacy Concerns

At the last spot, we have privacy concerns for Google Voice users. It is due to the reason that Google collects user’s calls and text data which is a significant concern for some users.

Limited Customer Support

Google Voice offers limited customer support. This means if a business owner wishes to have prioritized customer support from Google Voice, that is not possible from the application. Moreover, Google has published troubleshooting guides for customers to check for themselves for the issues they face using Google Voice.

Difficult Collaboration

Team collaboration and meeting over Google Voice is not possible. To do so, you must land on another Google app named Google Chat. In addition, Ring groups, which are available for the paid version of the application, are not available for business with their free version.

Difference Between Google Voice And VoIP

We bring some of the most common differences between Google Voice and VoIP phone systems.

·       Flexibility

·       Provider

·       Integration

·       Service

·       Cost


VoIP phone systems offer flexibility to an organization’s operations and its workforce. The cornerstone of the modern phone system is its features that offer flexibility to businesses to scale in the market. The same is true with Google Voice, which offers adaptable options to businesses that can enhance their operations with the pace of the market and their competitors.

Above all, Google Voice offers seamless online communication opportunities that bring productivity within operations and overall organization.


Google powers Google Voice. Google is a tech giant and knows market requirements and what it can offer so that it stands apart from its competitors. For this reason, Google Voice comes with the features of call forwarding, Free texting, Unlimited voicemail storage, Call screening, and Spam blocking. These are some of the features that Google Voice offers. The complete list of features is mentioned above in detail.


Google Voice offers integration to various applications. The seamless blending of applications with Google Voice and other services being offered by Google is a piece of cake.


Customer service through Google Voice is second to none. They have a dedicated customer support section bound to cater to the needs of their prospects. Apart from that, the services offered by Google Voice have features and capabilities that can aid your business in terms of the best communications.


The cost of Google Voice varies according to the plan you opt for. On the contrary, Google Voice offers both free and paid versions of its application.

Google Voice Alternatives

Google Voice has got some serious competition in the market. There are a number of users who are providing far better services and features when you compare them with Google Voice-offered features.

·       Skype

·       RingCentral

·       Zoom

·       WhatsApp

·       Microsoft Teams

·       Slack

·       Telegram

·       Grasshopper

·       Google Duo

·       Viber


One of the most famous alternatives to Google Voice is Skype. This application offers some of the best features when it comes to making calls, video calls, sending text messages and multimedia messages. Additionally, users can share their screens in this application during meetings to explore business opportunities.

Moreover, this application offers a seamless solution for Windows personal computers, laptops, and tablets. On the other hand, users can use this app on iOS-enabled devices and Android-based devices. With this application, communication is on the go.


In the second spot, we have RingCentral, which has some of the best solutions when it comes to VoIP phone systems. According to research, RingCentral is a market leader in offering features and solutions for business and personal usage.


At the third spot, we have Zoom. This is a cloud-based application that offers some of the best VoIP features. Basically, Zoom is a video conferencing platform. Some salient features of Zoom include sharing screens, making video calls, holding meetings, and virtual backgrounds.

Zoom offers some of the most competitive packages in the market, and with that, it becomes the market leader in a very short time. Now coming towards the operationality of Zoom, it offers seamless business and personal solutions for Windows, iOS-enabled devices, and Android-enabled devices.


Now coming towards another market leader that has shaped the very shape of modern communication. WhatsApp is a widely acclaimed VoIP phone system offering seamless business and personal communication opportunities with many features.

It is the most trusted source of communication around the globe, thanks to its end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp is famous for operating on Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Ultimately, the most cherished aspect of WhatsApp is that it is free and requires nothing to get started with the application. All you have to do is download it from either the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your devices and get going.

Microsoft Teams

Now, let us share another business collaboration application that offers some of the best options. Individuals can use it. It offers features for making audio, video calls, text, audio, video, and multimedia messages.


Here is another key business tool that offers perfect solutions for business. Like Microsoft Teams, it can also be operated by individuals. The features of integration make it the best option. This application also offers features like making audio, video calls, text, audio, video, and multimedia messages.


Telegram is a messaging app that has taken the market by storm. It offers voice, video calls, and messaging services for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. This application offers secure communication thanks to its end-to-end encryption features. Above all, this free platform offers reliable and fast communication.


Here is another alternative to Google Voice that offers VoIP phone services to end users. Grasshopper is designed to offer virtual phone numbers for business and personal use. Additionally, this application has some of the best customer service among its competitors.

Google Duo

A video calling app named Google Duo offers seamless operationality thanks to its simple design and easy-to-operate features. It provides high-quality video calls for multiple platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android.


Like WhatsApp, Viber is another application that operates on a VoIP phone system. It offers seamless audio, video, and texting features for personal and business usage. This application is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Its end-to-end encryption makes communication secure.

Devices Operational Compatibility

Google powers Google Voice. That is why it has a strong background, which makes it compatible with almost all famous devices. Further, it is available for Android and iOS devices as well. In addition, you can also operate Google Voice over your web browser for your personal computers and laptop.

Android Devices

Every smartphone that operates on the Android operating system is compatible with operating Google Voice.

iOS Devices

All versions of iOS-based operating devices are capable of running the Google Voice.

Web Browsers

·       Google Chrome

·       Safari

·       Mozilla Firefox

·       Microsoft Edge

Using Your Obihai VoIP Phone With Google Voice

Now, you have the option to connect your Obihai Google Voice account. Obihai is the best-selling VoIP home phone that offers tons of features. The most salient features that Obhai offers include crystal clear calls, lower international rates, Low Initial Costs, No Hidden Fees, 911 Calling, and Telemarketer blocking.

OBi Equipment Requirements

·       OBi Device

·       Router

·       Google Voice Account

·       Telephone

OBi Features

·       Place And Receive Calls On Regular Phones

·       Call Recording

·       Low Initial Cost

·       Free Calling

·       Call Waiting

·       No Hidden Fees

·       Call Internationally At A Low Rate

·       Call Screening

·       911 Calling

·       Voicemail As Email

·       One Number For All Your Phones

·       Telemarketer blocking

·       3-Way Calling

·       Do Not Disturb

·       Define Which Phones Ring

·       Flexible Bridging

·       Blacklisting Options

·       Block Unwanted Calls

·       Voicemail Greetings

How It Works

·       The first step is to sign in to your Gmail account

·       Go to Google Voice and get your Google Voice number

·       Go to the OBiTALK and sign up

·       Get an OBiTALK account

·       Add your OBi device to OBiTALK

·       Start calling

Cost For Operating Google Voice

Here are some details on the costs and expenses of using and operating Google Voice. At first, installing and signing to the app is free. Further, making and receiving calls inside the United States of America and Canada are free. However, there are a few numbers where Google Voice charges you $0.01 per minute. Furthermore, calling someone outside the U.S. might be charged to you at different rates.


1.     What phones will work with Google Voice?

Any smartphone that has an Android or iOS operating system can have Google Voice on it. 

2.     What is Google VoIP?

Google Voice is an application that runs on Voice Over Internet protocol. You can use this application to make and receive calls and send text, audio, video, and image messages over the Internet, subject to the package plan you have opted for.

3.     How do I set up Google Voice VoIP?

Setting up the Google Voice application offers a simple process, which we have elaborated on in a step-by-step guide.

·       First, you need to go to the voice.google.com

·       Sign up for Google Voice on your smartphone number

·       Read the terms and conditions from the Terms of Service along with the Privacy Policy

·       Search for available numbers categorized by city or area code

·       Right next to the number you have selected, click Select

·       Now follow the instructions

·       Enjoy operating Google Voice on your smartphone

4.     Can any phone be used as a VoIP phone?

Yes, anyone can use VoIP phone services on their smartphones. On the contrary, phones operating on traditional phone systems can also function perfectly over VoIP. Additionally, this phone system does not require any additional infrastructure or specified devices to work.

5.     Does Gmail accept VoIP?

Yes, Gmail accepts VoIP phone service. All you have to do is verify your Gmail or Google account in the system by making a phone call. This can be done by sending an SMS. After signing up for your Gmail account, your phone number will be verified by Google, and from there, you can use your VoIP phone services.

6.     Is Google Voice still free?

Google Voice services are primarily free for personal use. All you need to do is sign up and get a number. Your process is complete. From there, you can make and receive calls to all numbers in the U.S. and Canada for free. Furthermore, if someone wants to make calls outside the U.S. and Canada, they will need to pay for the call at a per-minute rate.

7.     Can I use Google Voice without a phone number?

No, no one can use a VoIP phone system without having a phone number. The same is the case with Google Voice.

8.     How to get a Google Voice number without a U.S. number?

Those who want a Google Voice number outside the U.S. must have a VPN installed and connected to their phone. This virtual private network will connect them to a server in the U.S. Once connected, you can go to the Google Voice website and create an account.

9.     Is Google Voice a non-fixed VoIP?

Google Voice offers a non-fixed VoIP phone number to their prospects. These numbers are easily assigned. The users can get a non-fixed VoIP number by emailing and paying for the service.

10.  How do I convert my standard phone to VoIP?

Anyone can convert their standard operating phones to VoIP phone systems by adding a VoIP adapter. You must plug the adaptor into a wireless router with an ethernet cable. Now, you can operate your personal computer or smartphone by adding an IP address to the VOIP adapter. All these instructions are mentioned in the user manual.

Final Words

 In the end, we tried our best to make you fully aware of the fact that what happens if someone asks your recommendations about Can I Use A VoIP Phone With Google Voice? For that reason, we have shared tons of information related to Google Voice. It includes Google Voice Limitations, the difference between Google Voice And VoIP, alternatives, and its operational compatibility.

Google Voice was launched in 2009, and since then, it has become a reliable, secure, and safe Voice Over Internet Protocol service provider for many.


The basic reason for its success is its flexibility and its customer service. Google Voice’s primary concern was to reduce the cost of communication for users, and they have achieved that. With its features, Google Voice has become a market leader in providing cost-effective, highly flexible, and productive VoIP phone service providers.