Auto-Attendants for Business

Auto-Attendants for Business

Get your customers, vendors, and partners to the right person in seconds with your very own auto-attendant.

What is an automated attendant?

An automated attendant, or auto attendant, uses call transferring to help callers navigate to an extension when calling a main number without an operator or receptionist.
The process is relatively easy for all callers. Once the call is answered by the auto attendant, the caller is given menu options and the choice of reaching various individuals or departments (i.e., Mr. Jones, Sales, Customer Service). The provisioning is performed in the back-end by your provider and transfers the calls to their correct department.
The menu options are determined by the provisions you set based on the common needs of your customers. For ease, in many cases, there will also be a 0 out option allowing the caller to be transferred to a person for additional assistance.

Why use an automated attendant?

Auto-attendants help your customers reach who they need to with as little transferring as possible. This avoids unnecessary hold time, confusion and employee interruptions.

Stay professional

An auto-attendant ensures a professional greeting for every caller. Greet all callers the same and uphold a professional image with an answering system that puts the caller in control of their experience.

Avoid call spam

Robocalls are on the rise. It seems that no matter what you do they continue to call. Avoid the call spam with an automated attendant that requires caller interaction. Robots aren’t getting through a call tree!

Save time

Auto Attendants are viable for companies of all sizes. By utilizing this feature, you will save money by saving time. Auto attendants are economical applications to direct your calls to the proper person in your organization without disrupting an employee.

How to set up an auto-attendant

Determine the call flow necessary for your business
Write the script for your auto attendant
Use voice-to-text or have someone record your auto attendant message
OneCloud will then engineer your business’s auto attendant
Prior to setting up the auto attendant it is best to determine the call flow. In order to do this, there are questions to address such as: who will answer the calls once they ring to a particular person or organization? If no one answers that call, where will the call ring next? Is the call allowed to go to voicemail? And do you want a 0 out option?
You can also list your company address and business hours as well as after-hours guidelines. OneCloud Networks will assist you in determining the answers to all of the right questions and creating your call flow.
When setting up an auto attendant with OneCloud Networks, our engineers will provision the users and set up the auto attendant. We can either download a pre-recorded script or someone at the company can record it.

Get Started

Auto-attendants are available for all OneCloud customers at no additional cost.