Contact Center Optimization

Turn your contact center into a strategic asset. Build more valuable relationships with your customers. Route calls to the right agent not just any agent.

To be strategic, contact centers must adapt to business demands on-the-fly. They  need to scale up or down and change routing and messaging strategies as needed throughout the day. These modifications must be made to achieve operational efficiency and performance metrics. Doing so assures service levels are met and quality customer service is never sacrificed.


Transera is now BroadSoft CC-One

High Performing, Agile

  • Global visibility across sites, systems and outsourcers
  • Voice, email and chat customer interactions centrally managed and controlled
  • Global queue for quality customer experiences world-wide
  • Intelligent routing through business rules and analytics
  • Global agility and performance without replacing existing systems
  • Optimization of the operational and financial metrics that matter

Global Visibility

  • Route all calls through a central global queue for maximum responsiveness and consistent customer experiences
  • Centrally apply and change routing rules to respond to changing traffic conditions and performance, regardless of who and where the agents are
  • Deploy and administer scripts centrally for increased control, agility and consistency, while decreasing overhead costs with a “create once and publish everywhere” scripting model
  • Record, store and archive calls centrally regardless of the agent, site, or outsourcer taking the call and replay and analyze them from anywhere

Central Management

  • Voice calls initiate screen pops that arm your agents with real-time caller information — identity, intent, demographics, history — from any data source so they can respond in context
  • Email interactions use keywords to identify customer need, send automatic responses and route to the best agent — along with in-process email conversations
  • Web chat assesses the needs of online visitors and matches them with the best available agent armed with the resources, responses, and data they need to be effective
  • Web callback reduces waiting by letting web visitors request the contact center automatically call them back at a specific time when the right agent will be available

Global Queue


  • Every customer waits in the same line and gets connected to the best available agent regardless of their location
  • Only the application and routing data travel globally, the media stays local connecting the customer and agent in the most efficient path
  • Every agent is armed with the same script, offers and customer data for consistent customer experiences
  • The customer gets the highest quality connection with the lowest latency, because of no voice back-haul across the globe

Intelligent Routing: Analytics & Rules

  • Performance Routing: Matches customers in real time with agents that will drive the best business outcomes based on past performance.
  • Skill-based Routing: Matches customers to the agents designated as having the specific skills required for that caller.
  • Demographic Routing: Matches customers with agents with whom they will most likely have an affinity.
  • Status Routing: Routes based on customer current status, such as routing delinquent callers to collections, or new customers to help services.
  • Value-based Routing: Routes customers with a high likeliness to buy or higher lifetime value with priority to higher-skilled agents.
  • Service-level Routing: Dynamically routes to minimize abandons, wait times, and other service level commitments.

Operational & Financial Optimization

Transera customers say it best.

  • “Saves us $3,000,000 a year by giving us complete visibility into our outsourcers’ performance in real-time”
  • “Lowered our average speed-of-answer from 40 seconds to an industry-leading 6 seconds”
  • “Reduced our call abandonment rate by half”
  • “I can’t imagine a company not improving their bottom line with Transera”
  • “Increased our agent productivity by 25%”
  • “Delivered a full ROI in a couple of months”

Three Complementary Product Lines


The Competitive Difference

Proven native cloud architecture that scales from SMB to large global enterprises
  • Omni-channel contact center
  • Comprehensive feature set with on-demand flexibility
Predictive big data analytics and routing in real-time
  • Predictive analytics-driven routing and agent matching decisions based on historical data
  • Ingests and analyzes agent, customer, performance, business rules and other data sources
  • Real-time and historical analytics
Salesforce Edition is deeply integrated into Sales and Service Clouds
Cloud routing, management and hybrid support
  • Optimizes service levels across distributed locations
  • Supports hybrid deployments and overlays in-place contact center platforms
  • Patented VPOP architecture segregates logic and media

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