Committed to Your Success

Keeping It Simple

OneCloud Networks is a true believer in the cloud and vested in your success. The best way for OCN to help ensure our resellers’ success is to keep it simple. We ensure you have full access to our team, who is always there to support you.

We provide straightforward pricing with no minimums and no maintenance. So if you come from a place where offering voice service begins with a big outlay of cash to buy equipment and licenses in advance, you won’t find that here. And if you have existing infrastructure, that’s ok. No need to replace anything or migrate users if you don’t want to. You can simply move forward offering cloud service to new customers, or others as they want to transition, assured of 99.999% reliability and geographic redundancy.

We offer flexible payment scenarios. Most of our resellers pay as they go…this is the typical way of the cloud. But some organizations like to budget differently and use the business model they are most comfortable with, and we are here to work with you. If you prefer to pay quarterly or even annually, let us know and we’ll work it out.



OCN believes  training is crucial to  success. We offer a wide variety of training for everyone in your company. We start with a free webinar training class for your sales and marketing team to ensure they understand what they are selling, how to sell it, and to equip them with the tools they need to be successful. We also offer free webinar training for your technical team to ensure they can provision on their own, solve issue,s and be comfortable on installations.

OCN offers a deep-dive training class either in Frisco, TX, or at your location for a nominal fee. This focuses on in-depth details for your Sales and Marketing team. See the course outline below.


Are you tired of paying high prices for support (10-20%) of the total cost of your equipment?  Is the level of support worth the costs you are paying?  At OCN there is no cost for support! We put our trust in our resellers and believe support is part of our service for them, ensuring we are successful together.

We have a highly qualified group of engineers ready to help you 24×7, 365 days a year. Whether you need help setting up a phone, provisioning or solving your customer’s issue, We Are Here For You! We also offer Sales Support to assist you in closing the deal, be it understanding what to sell or how to sell it.

Custom Flyer

To help our resellers be successful, OCN considers all the tools your team needs! Every customer meeting should include a quality leave behind to keep your solution front and center in their attention. When you win, we win. As part of the in-depth training provided by OCN, we will have professionally printed, a double-sided custom flyer for your company. When your team leaves training, they are ready to be on their way to meeting customers and closing deals!

When you run out of flyers, OCN offers reorders at a nominal fee, taking care of all the details with the printer, ensuring high quality production and delivery.


  • Save Money and Offer More to Your Customers! Don’t purchase additional hardware or upgrade your infrastructure. Take your new business to the cloud with OneCloud Networks.
  • Increase Your Bottom Line! Don’t pay exorbitant support costs and don’t lose USF funds. Put your new business in the cloud and migrate non-USF business customers.
  • Excite your Sales Team! Give them something new to sell, expand your territory with new products your team and your customers can use and understand.
  • Prepare your Sales and Marketing Team! Provide training and marketing tools that enable your sales team to thrive and together, reap the rewards.
  • Coming Soon: Documentation and end user videos you can white label at no charge and expand your business.

#UC: Empowering Business
OCN Reseller Success Course Outline

#UC – Empowering Business provides a conceptual and strategic understanding of unified communications, and readiness to market and sell UC solutions. We explore business drivers for UC, effective UC messaging, and creating value with a UC solution that impacts customers top and bottom lines. Next, we look at UC use case scenarios and effective sales pitches to address them. Finally, we explore factors of successful UC implementations and ensuring high customer satisfaction. The format is a mix of presentation, discussion and demo. Optional role playing/case studies can also be included.

Module 1 – The #UC Buzz

You’ve embarked on this unified communications journey. You need to understand the key concepts of UC to lay the foundation and determine how best to approach your customer and prospective marketplace. In this module, we’ll answer the following questions: What is UC? How can organizations use it? How does it fit within the business process?

  • Overview of Unified Communications
  • What is UC, UCaaS, UCC, collaboration…same or different?
  • Components of a #UC solution
  • How do they work together? What’s the benefit?
  • Is it all or nothing? Can we implement a slice at a time?
  • How does UC impact our business?

Module 2 – The #UC Marketplace

This module looks at where the UC marketplace is today, various players, market shares, niches and other helpful positioning and competitive information.

  • UC market today
  • Where UC is going
  • UC market players
  • Where does BroadSoft fit in the industry?

Module 3 – #UC Messaging: Process Meets Technology

Now you understand more about #UC, components of a solution and benefits of UC, as well as the UC marketplace. In this module we look to business drivers of UC, how to uncover a UC opportunity, and positioning of the UC value proposition. We’ll answer the following questions: What are the business drivers for UC? How does it fit within an organization’s business process? How do we provide UC value messaging?

  • Why do organizations implement unified communications solutions?
  • Business drivers for UC: Uncovering a UC opportunity
  • Creating value: Tying the UC solution to key business processes
  • Value messaging: Impact on the top & bottom lines
  • Developing and delivering a successful UC campaign

Module 4 – The #UC Sale

With an understanding of UC messaging, we turn to the UC sale. In this module we identify various UC opportunities as well as some vertical plays. We look at UC pricing across the industry and explore promo deals to win customers but not break the bank. We finish with a look at positioning against competitive UC solutions.

  • UC opportunity scenarios
  • Exploring verticals
  • UC pricing (low end, high end, average, promotions, etc.)
  • Samples UC sales pitches
  • Positioning against the competition

Module 5 – The #UC Implementation: Making #UC Work for Your Customer

You’ve closed the deal, now what? In this module we look at some service provider tips and keys to success. We discuss what makes for a successful implementation and how to ensure you have ecstatic customers, happy to provide testimonials and references to boost future sales.

  • Keys to Service Provider Success
  • Elements of successful implementation, creating ecstatic customers
  • Change management, gaining buy-in, etc.
  • Critical success factors
  • Metrics

#UC Messaging Role Play (optional)

Sales scenarios and/or case studies can be utilized to help participants identify and understand UC sales opportunities. These scenarios help build fluency in presenting UC solutions, creating a value pitch, and overcoming objections. Participants gain practical experience they can leverage to take forward from the training and successfully present UC solutions.

#UC Slick

Professional customer-facing marketing flyer

  • 8.5×11, color both sides, nonbleed/trim edges
  • Customized with your logo and contact information
  • 250 included; more optional