Who We Are

OneCloud Networks evolves from a long history in telephony. Spending 20 years with various voice solutions and more than a decade as BroadSoft engineers, OCN chose to become an authorized BroadSoft service provider. Working on the best and largest solutions in the world, OCN stands among the most innovative and technically astute cloud communications organizations.

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With offices expanding around the globe, OCN is in growth mode, opening our doors to CLECs and ILECs to leverage our leading edge solutions and become OCN resellers. This is a unique opportunity to provide a cloud VOIP/Unified Communications offering without investment in infrastructure, licensing, or additional engineering staff, and with no maintenance costs!

Further, OCN has engaged with cutting edge technology organizations, such as CloudGenix SD-WAN and Meraki Mobile Device Management, to provide both our customers and our resellers with a complete solution. We have invested in engineering and deployment resources for these unique offerings so you don’t have to, yet you can deliver a solution unmatched in the noise of other commoditized VOIP providers.

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The evolution of telecom is progressively moving forward for the ILEC/CLEC market and their customer base. Not only has the technology changed, but the end-user has a new mindset and requires a different spectrum of services.

ILEC/CLECs are facing constant decisions regarding what type of applications to deploy to offer the best service to their customers and how to decrease CapEx. There are many questions the ILEC/CLECs must address to be successful in their business.

  • Do we invest in hardware and software or do you move to the cloud?
  • Do we pay maintenance?
  • Are we offering the right services to the businesses?
  • How are we impacted by the FCC regulations?

All of the above decision making challenges are crucial to  the choices Telcos and CLECs  must make about  their future of  technology.

The residential lines are dropping in certain areas due to the increase of wireless service. USF funds are beginning to dry up and growth is predominately in the small to medium businesses, in and out of standard territories. Approximately 48% of businesses are now using cloud services, up from 28% in 2014. The key reason a business makes this decision is understanding of monthly costs as well as a 30% cost reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership over the traditional PBX business.

We at OCN have spent many hours working internally and with partners to research these challenges to help you decide the right choice for your business. We know there are additional revenues to be gained and opportunities to decrease your expenses.

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Cap and Grow Strategy

  • Is the migration of your existing network too time-consuming and expensive to contemplate?
  • Are you tired of offering the same traditional set of features with no room for expanding new services to grow your revenue?
  • Is your maintenance cost draining your OPEX?
  • Is your product Manufacture or Support discontinued?
  • Do you want to increase your revenue?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, OneCloud Networks is the solution for you.

Leverage your investment in your current infrastructure while putting your new business on OneCloud Networks. Migrate your existing customers at your own pace, when they are in need of more features and capability or as you are ready to move them. This provides you the opportunity be responsive to customer needs without another large investment and learning curve, and to offer new VOIP and/or Unified Communications within or out of your current market to bring in new revenue.

Here’s a sampling of some new features your solution offering could include.

Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Presence, Chat/IM, Collaboration, Desktop Share, Audio/Videconferencing (replaces online meeting tools such as WebEx and GoTo Meeting), and Mobile Applications. With these great apps, your customers can take their number anywhere and work from anywhere, all with the same business identity.

OCN applications are deployed in 100s of markets today. They are deployed in both small to medium and large business, as well as by small and large ILECs and CLECs. There are specific applications designed for different verticals as well. For example, you can grow your business by tapping into the government segment, the hospitality market, or the education arena.

OCN applications are in the cloud, enabling you to give your customers portal access to manage many day-to-day changes in their environment. For example, call forwarding, SIM ring, time of day to answer number, manage hunt groups, record auto attendant message, and more. Moves and changes occur within minutes.  Putting this capability in the hands of the customer increases their customer satisfaction and loyalty to you, as well as freeing up your employees to be more productive in other areas.

Our Solution Helps

Field Sales Team: Want to maintain business identity in the field, plus have access to full communications environment on mobile device.

Attorney: Practice is struggling with capturing billable hours.

CEO: How can I increase productivity & efficiency of my team?

Sales Manager: The sales team’s time should be spent selling instead of entering data into a CRM. A complete activity report with all calls & communications is a dream.

Office Manager: Tired of managing multiple service providers for phone, WebEx, conferencing, and other needs…especially during service interruptions.

Finance: Want to eliminate the need to buy & manage expensive infrastructure components.

Entrepreneur: Want your technology to scale and grow with your business, move to larger office seamlessly.

Consultant: Organization experiences any of these concerns or you are consulting for a business that is.

Does this sounds like the best offering ever?

It is! We’ve been in your shoes so we created our ILEC/CLEC reseller program to give you exactly what you need, based on decades of experience.

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It’s time to create your own success story!