Take It to the Cloud

OneCloud Networks is a game changer. We provide solutions to help you manage your business more effectively so you can get out of the daily grind and focus on what’s most important.

Let the system take care of the details so you can start strategizing.

About Us

OneCloud Networks evolves from a long history in telephony. Spending 20 years with various voice solutions and more than a decade as BroadSoft engineers, OCN chose to become an authorized BroadSoft service provider. Working on the best and largest solutions in the world, OCN stands among the most innovative and technically astute cloud communications organizations.

OCN stays on top of the technology, always participating in alpha and beta testing of new features, integrations and platforms. OCN did just that with BroadSoft’s BroadCloud platform and was the first service provider to embrace it and roll it out.

OCN understands any cloud (VoIP) solution is only as good as the data network underneath. From bandwidth, to provider reliability, to load balancing and security, OCN partners with industry leaders, such as Cisco and CloudGenix, to deploy the best solutions possible for our customers, balancing cost and performance with each organization’s unique requirements.

Our Story



Coming from traditional telephony, we thought this cloud stuff was pretty cool (it was called hosted back then). We got a band team together and took the plunge. Things were going pretty well, we thought we were geniuses. What a life!

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A lot of people in telephony thought life in the cloud looked pretty cushy. So they took the plunge too. And hosted PBX became commoditized. Hmmm, NOT what we planned on. So we put our thinking caps back on.

Bam, it hit us. People “talk” on their desk phone, mobile, computer via voice, chat, conference, and social media. That’s money, who’s capturing it?

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Today’s sales process has hundreds, or thousands, of touchpoints. Capturing them is critical and hugely impacts the sales process. You might talk with hundreds of people a day. Two weeks later when JJ pings you back, you better know what you talked about. JJ does not want to be just a number.

We get this!



Being in the cloud means “phone” does not have to be literal anymore. It can be. Or it can be an app (isn’t everything an app now?) on your mobile, tablet, computer…whatever suits your fancy. It can even be an app that works within your business process, like your email, browser or CRM. Salespeople live and breathe here. Why take them out to communicate with the customer, then back in to record what happened?

We deliver the full suite of tools to keep your communications environment running efficiently and securely. We help your team gain productivity and increase revenue.

Turn “talk” into money by capturing it all!


Now that’s genius!Tempo-Hub-1

I love this place. Tell me More!



We live in the cloud. We practice what we say. We’re professional and fun. We’ve been around the block a time or two.

We’re all about quality and customer satisfaction. We’re entrepreneurial and innovative. We’re not afraid to lead the way and try something different, but we’re not about reinventing the wheel.

We’ve lived in big red tape companies and we like where life has led us. We work hard and we celebrate our successes.

As life should be.



OneCloud Networks is growing! We look for bright, energetic people to come on board. If you want to make a difference, check out life in the cloud.



We live on the cloud.
Our office is casual, but we dress for customers.
We’re flexible.
There might be beer or wine in the fridge.